The first gathering of the audience intelligence community

Are you facing challenges in understanding and engaging with your target audience effectively? Do you struggle to harness the power of audience data to drive your business and marketing strategies? If these resonate with you, AudienceCON could be your golden opportunity.
The first AudienceCON took place on 7th June 2023, a trailblazing conference that delved into the exciting field of Digital Audience Intelligence. Speakers provided actionable insights, robust tools, and novel practices that addressed pain points and can now propel strategies to revolve around your audience.
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To be the leading platform and community for defining and promoting the power of Digital Audience Intelligence and the "Audience-first" approach to business and marketing.

AudienceCON London content

Below is an overview of the sessions that took place, with VOD now available to registered users:

Harmonizing Data and Action: Unleashing the Power of Audience Intelligence in the Music Industry
Decoding Digital Signals: Demystifying the Fundamentals of Audience Intelligence
The Role of Deep Human Insights in Creative Strategy, A McCann Worldgroup Perspective
Empowering Marketing Strategies: Trust, Insight, and Audience-Centric Approaches in the Digital Age
Tuning into Instinct: The Power of Creativity over Data in Music's Golden Eras
Crafting Impact-Driven Success Through Innovation And Product Development
ChatGPT Gets Us 80% of The Way There, Faster


To bring together the brightest minds in the field of audience research and marketing to share best practices, explore new ideas, and inspire professionals to put their audiences at the core of their strategies. Through our one-day conference, we aim to empower attendees with the knowledge and tools they need to drive meaningful and impactful engagement with their target audiences. By fostering a community of like-minded people, we aim to promote the growth and development of the field of Digital Audience Intelligence and inspire professionals to take an "Audience-first" approach to their work.